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The meaning of Resurrection


Jesus story continues with him popping up all over the place. This time he wants breakfast!

Why do the story tellers place such an importance in these physical appearances’ of Jesus after his death.

Well think back to only a few months ago when we were celebrating the birth of the Christ. Remember that the title the Christ is a name for God as much as Yaweh, or Shekinah.  The Christ is God with us, God manifesting in human flesh.


This is important to let sink in, because if we are still focusing on God as Spirit alone then we aren’t practicing Christianity. We could even be denying the Christ, the aspect of God that eternally has manifested in creation from the beginning, which the Jesus story reveals over and over again, the manifestation of the Divine love in all creation.


So, for our story tellers its  important to hear about these appearances of Jesus resurrected in flesh and blood because even after his death God is still in him and with us manifesting in matter.


This tells us of one of the most precious things about the Christian faith. That we and the whole of creation are indwelt by God, just as Jesus was.

In the early church  when a person was baptized and they were brought up out of the waters, people would shout their name - ------ a Christ!

That’s were we get the word Christ-ened or christened from, because we are all Christ, indwelt by the energy of God that manifests itself in the whole world.

Just like Jesus appearances this is not a magic act, or some irrational miracle, it is merely a change in our perception of how life is. Its a shift in our consciousness to see the true reality. We have to make the same shift that the disciples and Thomas did and see this new reality, revealed in us all who are indwelt by love and know there is no separation between matter and the Divine Being.

All through the gospels we hear how Jesus reveals this, by healing, by God’s compassion for the outcasts, the blessing of the poor the hated, and all the least of these, because they are all with everything else in the universe, indwelt by God.

All the millions of ways of being are experienced by the divine. As we saw on good Friday, even the most horrendous suffering is experienced by God, that is the price God is willing to pay for birthing life in all its forms into the world of opposites, of light and dark and up and down, of every Pat and David, Angela and Geoff of every tree and sparrow that falls, is indwelt by God. That is the meaning of being known, to be intimately indwelt by the love that breathes the universe in and out.

From God’s perspective there is no separation between creator and creation all is  One. In the words of the Christ God says, This is my body, this is my blood, re-member me. I am with you always.